Cancellation Policy


Terms and Conditions- No Refund/Exchanges only policy

Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions

  ***All sales are final. We must reject students when a class becomes full. We cannot get the students back that once asked to sign up and were previously turned down due to the class becoming full.  There is a strict no refund-exchanges only policy to all students for all GOLDUSMLE CLINICAL SKILLS COURSES, USMLE STEP1,STEP2CK, STEP 3,AND OET CLASSES + practice exams as it is clearly depicted on your e-Confirmation emails when you signed up and also here on this website.  Only EXCHANGES are permitted to any date until 2033. We need to fund facility expenses well in advance of the course.  We have a strict no refund policy and exchanges only policy. This policy protects small businesses from loss and intellectual theft. There was a recent occurrence of competitors being caught entering our class to steal content. We were informed from our loyal students that these individuals had worked for a different USMLE company and tried to promote their company to them privately. This was later verified via CCTV video recording. These individuals also were without any proof of scheduling permit, proof of pending examinations, or proof that they are taking a USMLE exam. We have a no refund and exchanges only policy for STEP1, STEP2CK, STEP3, OET, RESIDENCY INTERVIEW CLASSES OF EQUAL VALUE.

We typically charge $250 fee for any rescheduling that takes place. Due to the current COVID-19 situation we will be offering a courtesy by waiving this rescheduling fee until you are able to secure a test date. All sales are final.